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How to Attach a PDF to a WordPress Post

Resumes, printable coupons, eBooks, and many other type of documents are prepared for distribution and printing as an Adobe PDF, (Portable Document Format), file. If you have PDF files that you want to make available for download on your blog,

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Centering Background with CSS

I was playing around with WordPress trying to create a theme where the blog posts would not use a lot of screen space. I wanted to keep the content and background (wallpaper) image centered on the screen no matter what

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Stop WordPress Comment Spam

A short time after you start your WordPress blog, you’ll more than likely find an email in your inbox or a notice on the WordPress Admin dashboard telling you someone has commented on one of your posts. Most new bloggers

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Reviewing the Review Web Sites

There’s a new sheriff in town, and no it’s not ‘big brother’, it’s just the opposite. Everyday people now have the ability to propel your business into the spotlight, or drag it down by it’s heels. How have these people

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How to Embed Flash Video in a Website

Adding Flash video to a website can be confusing to say the least. Many people do not understand the difference between embedding a link to a flash video into page and actually serving the video content themselves. YouTube and other

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