LEXIPIXEL is here to help you reach your online goals.

…whatever they may be. Need and online store? Ready to start blogging? Just need a simple “brochure” type website? We can help. Below are just some of the services we offer:

Logo design and other types of graphics.

We work with Adobe CS, (Photoshop and other Adobe formats), with Corel Photopaint and other programs from Corel, as well as many speciality software packages for creating, converting and optimizing static and animated graphics. We can even create custom programs that generate graphics on-the-fly when needed.

HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, RSS and the rest of the markup language alphabet.

We hand code HTML and CSS to provide the most optimized, cleanest code — stuff you can’t get from a WYSIWYG editor. When needed, we can code for XHTML, XML and any of the RSS/RDF standards, (e.g.- syndicated news type content, sharing data between applications or users and for creating portable data so you can migrate it from one platform to another). We will evaluate your needs and suggest the best markup for your particular situation. And of course we always shoot for 100% standards compliance as well as usability.

Content is King!

Having trouble creating original content for your website? We’ll show you how to harvest information from your organization’s off-line collateral, (brochures, flyers, advertisements, forms, etc), and turn it into search engine optimized web content. If you are a new start-up, or need more content, we provide copy writing services along with our graphics creation and markup service to create original, content rich, search friendly and user friendly websites.

Putting it all Together

We have been online for a long time, (over 15 years), and know the right vendors for domain name registration hosting and any other services you need. We can save you a lot of time and money and make it easy for you to get your organization on-line the right way, the first time, and save you money.

Training and Support

We keep you informed along the way and let you know exactly what we are doing to create your website. If you are interested in eventually being able to add or edit content or manage the site yourself, no problem! We will train you and your staff to edit text, work on the HTML and CSS, upload graphics, or manage an ecommerce website, (shopping cart / online store), or how to blog and manage users, posts and comments.

Ready? Give us a call… today!

Feel free to call or email and we will review your situation and make some suggestions about how to proceeed — the initial consultation is free, and with no obligation.


Randy Harris
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