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Turn Off WordPress Curly Quotes

By default, WordPress attempts to find pairs of single or double quote marks, and converts them to curly quotes, (or “smart quotes” as they’re called — with the one on the left curling one way and the one on the

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Volusion Category Bug – Dec 3, 2010

I just created a half dozen new categories and about 25 sub-categories from them.  I usually don’t use the drag and drop editor, but this time I felt like I could do it faster that way. The bug creates one

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Web Developer Toolbar Shortcuts

Anyone serious about working on their own website should install Chris Pederick’s Web Developer browser extension, (and I suggest using it with FireFox). The toolbar adds all kinds of diagnostic tools for debugging CSS, HTML, DOM, images and more.  In-fact,

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Change WordPress FROM: (name and email address)

While setting up and testing WordPress, I realized the site’s users would all get email from someone named “wordpress” using the email address “” — this wouldn’t do! I searched the forums and some of the “How to” sites, but

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Lexipixel Running WordPress 3.0

Yup, we installed the upgrade — it went painlessly.. almost. One little problem with Shadowbox plugin not properly linking thumbnails to articles, (on another site where we upgraded but didn’t install the new templates, menus, etc)  Also, we updated the

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