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Centering Background with CSS

I was playing around with WordPress trying to create a theme where the blog posts would not use a lot of screen space. I wanted to keep the content and background (wallpaper) image centered on the screen no matter what

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Stop WordPress Comment Spam

A short time after you start your WordPress blog, you’ll more than likely find an email in your inbox or a notice on the WordPress Admin dashboard telling you someone has commented on one of your posts. Most new bloggers

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WordPress Admin Pull Down Menus

Maybe the best thing since WordPress itself is the Lighter Menus plugin which instantly converts the default Admin menu interface of WordPress into one-click drop-down menus. For instance, instead of having to click Design, then click Themes, then click Theme

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KickApps Review

KickApps – “white label” social medial software. The hosted KickApps platform allows developers to create online communities from scratch or integrate social media functionality into existing CMS based sites. Kickapps is marketed with two pricing models; FREE, and a CPM,

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