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Volusion Category Bug – Dec 3, 2010

I just created a half dozen new categories and about 25 sub-categories from them.  I usually don’t use the drag and drop editor, but this time I felt like I could do it faster that way. The bug creates one

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Volusion Customize MultiChildAddToCart

Maybe you’ve read a little about Volusion’s MultiChildAddToCart function — or gotten daring and tried it. What it does is allow you to build a dummy product, and then make several (or all) other products as child products of the

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Volusion Security Issue “Not Me”

While working on a customer’s Volusion site, I needed to log in as a test customer who was set at one Discount_Price_Level, then log out, and see if the same code worked for customers who were not logged in. Since

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Volusion Template Design, (Tip #1)

While developing a Volusion online store for a customer, I was looking over some reports in SmarterStats and ran across an interesting URL I’d never seen before — so I popped it into the address bar of my browser and

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Volusion SEO / SEM

Along with providing ecommerce software, Volusion Inc., now offers search engine optimization, (SEO), and search engine marketing, (SEM), services to store owners using their shopping cart software. Volusion offers these online marketing services as their “Fast Traffic” and their “Search

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