Problem: Volusion Content not Updating

So, you’re whipping around the admin side of your Volusion store, you delete or add some categories, move some products from one category to another and then go to the user side of the store and the changes don’t appear…

I found this problem when a category I deleted was still appearing in the left navigation menu, (and now gave the error message: Category ID# Does not Exist when I clicked it).

Why?… It seems Volusion does not alway publish all your changes immediately — unless you set the Config Variable telling it to. Worse, sometimes Volusion does not honor this setting, (or forgets it was set), and you need to manually reset the variable.

If you are using a Volusion v.5, you may notice a small “Publish” link in the upper left corner of the Admin console.  If you make changes to your template, the link may appear in yellow, in which case you’ll need to click it to update the storefront with the changes you’ve made.

If you don’t see that link or you’ve made some changes on the Admin side, and they are not being updated to the storefront, follow these steps and see if this cures the problem.

1. In the Admin area, click Settings

2. Click Config Variables on the (settings sub-menu)

3. Go down to the Config_Enable_Publish_Always_By_Default setting, and if it’s not checked, check it, and if it is checked, un-check it, (yes — I know what I’m saying here — what we are doing is giving Volusion a little kick to get it to honor the setting).

4. If the variable was not checked, simply click the checkbox, then go to the bottom of the page and click Save. (You can now go to the front of your store and see if the content which was not being updated is not correct).

If the variable was (originally) checked, we are going to un-Check, Save, re-Check then Save again — this will insure that the setting is wiped clean and properly set.

Unchecking the variable.

Clicking Save.

Re-checking the variable.

Clicking Save (again).

If that doesn’t fix your problem, you may need to call support or look more into the specific area of Volusion you were working on when the problem occured.

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