Volusion Customize MultiChildAddToCart

Maybe you’ve read a little about Volusion’s MultiChildAddToCart function — or gotten daring and tried it.

What it does is allow you to build a dummy product, and then make several (or all) other products as child products of the dummy product.  This results in a product page where a table with quantity fields and check boxes appear next to each product name, so a customer can order several different products from one page.

Like most of the other automatic functions in Volusion, there is little to no control over the visual or functional appearance of MultiChildAddToCart grids.   They offer one hack, (inserting a tiny comment tag into each child product’s name field, e.g.- <!001>, <!456>, <!999>, etc, and the software will sort the grid based on the hidden tag), but it means junking up your products database.

Worse, if you don’t get it right the first time, or need to add, edit or delete some child products, after Volusion has generated all the  child product data into your PRODUCT database, you need to manually clean up the mess and start over (creating that parent and group of child products).

Of course there is a better way…

How would you like to be able to create a page with a table of products  arranged into groups, with dividers and headings about each group, areas for special instructions or comments, and the ability to allow customers to order from any or all products you sell in a single page? Read more ›

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WordPress MP3 Audio Player

A customer asked me to install an MP3 player into their WordPress blog. I searched the WP Plugins directory for “mp3 player” and found several that either had too many features or required you to jump through hoops to get an audio file into place.  Many required use of manually constructed [tags] to insert the player into a page. Read more ›

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Volusion Security Issue “Not Me”

While working on a customer’s Volusion site, I needed to log in as a test customer who was set at one Discount_Price_Level, then log out, and see if the same code worked for customers who were not logged in.

Since the code I was testing involved displaying prices to customers based on level.  It should have displayed and calculated orders using the retail prices only to anyone who wasn’t logged in.  The same code should have displayed a discounted price to logged in users who had a discount price level set.

There was a problem. After being logged in as a user with a discount price level set,  I logged out using the link at the bottom of the My Account page labeled:

I’m done managing my account, log me out.

…but, this doesn’t completely log the user it out.   Clicking the link tells you you’re logged out — but if the store has set the config setting: Read more ›

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Volusion Template Design, (Tip #1)

While developing a Volusion online store for a customer, I was looking over some reports in SmarterStats and ran across an interesting URL I’d never seen before — so I popped it into the address bar of my browser and found a nice, yet undocumented Volusion feature.

If you’d like to see what your template looks like without any Volusion generated content on the page, you can use: Read more ›

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Volusion SEO / SEM

Along with providing ecommerce software, Volusion Inc., now offers search engine optimization, (SEO), and search engine marketing, (SEM), services to store owners using their shopping cart software.

Volusion offers these online marketing services as their “Fast Traffic” and their “Search Engine Marketing“, plans. Each offer several levels of traffic and additional services staged at varying price points. The price range goes from about a hundred bucks a month to six-thousand plus per month — plus setup fees.

Volusion’s “Fast Traffic” plans appear to be little more Read more ›

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