KickApps Review

KickApps – “white label” social medial software.

The hosted KickApps platform allows developers to create online communities from scratch or integrate social media functionality into existing CMS based sites.

Kickapps is marketed with two pricing models; FREE, and a CPM, (cost per thousand), pageview based pricing structure. Under the free pricing model, Kickapps displays advertising on the communities web pages, but provides a navigation column skyscraper ad space where the community’s developer can run Google Adsense or other advertising.

Kickapps prvodes software to easily setup a Web 2.0 community with video, photo, and audio media file sharing.

Community members can interact with the community in a variety of ways including uploading of video and photo media from mobile devices. Each member gets a personal profile pages, (with it’s own unique URL), which ties together their media uploads, blogs, forum messages and other aspects of their involvement in the community.

Kickapps is used on many national and international sites to either provide social networking functionality, or is used to create the entire site. Some of the sites include the Guinness’ Book of World Records, the Rachel Ray Show, the San Francisco 49-ers Fan Site and National Public Radio (NPR) “Get My Vote” site. The following screen shots are actual KickApps websites, (click links below each one to visit the site).

KickApps powers the Rachek Ray Incredible People social netowrking site features.

KickApps powers the Rachek Ray Incredible People social networking site features.




KickApps powers the Sand Francisco 49ers Faithful Fan Site

KickApps powers the Sand Francisco 49ers Faithful Fan Site



KickApps powers National Public Radio (NPR) GetMyVote Political site.

KickApps powers National Public Radio (NPR) GetMyVote Political site.



Setting up a KickApps community was straightforward, fast and took under 5 minutes. You simply create an account, name your community, pick a theme, and go! The online setup tool gives you a temporary URL and a link to the site administration tools as soon as you’re done. In less than 2 minutes you receive an email from KickApps with the permanent URL for the site, (“” if you named your community “example”). The email contains tips and links to help you get your site going.

In addition to the default URL, Kickapps allows you to use your own domain name and will do DNS masking so the site appears as your own. White label refers to the fact that you can re-brand the software as you like and do not have to have advertise that the site is a KickApps community.

I launched the “Affiliate Center”, (which is what they call the site’s back end management area). and with very little effort quickly customized the default template I had chosen.

I’d recommend KickApps for any organization looking for a hosted solution, although if you are running a commercial website and plan to monetize it with advertising revenue, you may want to look around a bit more as KickApps takes the prime advertising spots on your the site for their own PPC ads. I have not contacted them (yet) regarding the CPM paid pricing model. This story will be updated as ned information is available.

To see KickApps for yourself, or to create your own
community, visit:

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