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Social Music Search Engine?

Looking for MP3’s? Look no further than Project Playlist, (

The site, which bills itself as a “social music experiment” and music search engine, is all that and more.

Using the social media / social networking model, the site allows you to build a playlist of tracks from it’s vast collection of audio links and assembles them into a freindly, easy to use flash based media player.

You can log in to and add new tracks, re-arrange what you’ve already got, send email invites to friends, and share your playlist with others.

In a matter of minutes, I had searched for and found some great classic rock tracks and built a playlist. Once you’ve built your playlist, you can click the embed link and the site will generate code you can cut and paste into your own website or blog — and it has preset tools that let you integrate your playlist into your MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites.

In true “web 2.0″ social media / social networking style, the site allows you to post photos, get and give feedback, post to your own blog, and otherwise interact with others on your personal page.

You can claim an available custom URL to make it easy to send friends to see your page and hear your favorite tunes. Another nice feature is you can request a more personal URL for the page you setup on Instead of the numeric Id based URL they automatically assign to each account, you ask for something else, and if nobody else has it — it’s yours! This makes it more user friendly and easier to share links to yuor page with others. With a few clicks, I got the address: is in “BETA” mode at the time of this writing, and they’ve just rolled out a new slicker site design. In these “hard economic times”, (a term I am sick of hearing), this is a web based business that is hiring… they must be on to something! The site is free to users and has advertising on most pages, but it is well targetted — for instance if you are on a page looking at Jmi Hendrix tracks, chances are you’ll see an ad to order Hendrix Posters.

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2 comments on “FREE Music from
  1. Looks great! I tried it and could only get the 3 buttons on the bottom….. the play and songs written do not show up, just white. Any tricks? I copied and embedded the code. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Randy Harris says:

    Hi Carissa,

    I took a look at your site and see you got the player to appear, (although it is in an odd place in the code and is overlapping your footer a bit). It appears and IZ working fine, (nice choice of tunes). The DIV tag you wrapped it in is inside your footer div and overflowing it. You need to check the CSS and see if you can either make the height of the footer high enough to accommodate the player, or move the whole player div to below the footer div closing tag, (as a sort of “trailer”).