How to Get More LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIN is a professional networking site — it’s not like MySpace or similar social media websites except in the fact that it uses the social networking model.

The social model is a method of expanding your connections to other people by inviting them to connect to you, and in-turn connecting to your extended network of contacts and connections.

A powerful way to build connections to others (which may lead to job offers, orders for products or services, a new employee or other professional contact), create a LinkedIN account and start adding contacts.

Here’s the benefit: Lets say you have ten friends, business associates, customers or others who know what you do, like you, and would refer or recommend you to others. Now, lets assume they all know ten people who trust their referrals and recommendations. This is where the power of LinkedIn comes in. Instead of the usual, “I know someone who knows someone… (who does this or that)”, type of referrals, you can connect directly with your contacts, get introduced to their contacts, and so on, and so on.. In effect, if you had a 2-level network where each person had 10 contacts, you would have 100 people in your extended network — at the third level you’d have over 1000!

Diagram of LinkedIN network of 1st and 2nd level contacts.

Diagram of LinkedIN network of 1st and 2nd level contacts.

Once you’ve signed up at LinkedIN, you can search for people you already know who also have LinkedIN accounts. There are tools on the site to make the “invitations” professional. Since these are people you already know, and are already on LinkedIN, they will most likely want to network with you.

What you DO NOT want to do is start sending out emails to people trying to tell them how to create a LinkedIN account solely to add you to their contacts — unless you truly believe they will benefit from LinkeIN’s professional networking concept.

The idea behind LinkedIN is that you already know people — and they already know people, and that you can gain professional introductions through these contacts.

Once you have a LinkedIN account you will find several ways to expand your circle of contacts. You can join LinkedIN groups, (or create one of your own), you can ask others for referrals and recommendations, and if you have a website or send out HTML newletters, you can include buttons to connect people to your profile so they can see the process first hand and sign up if they like.

Below is a button to view my LinkedIN profile, (feel free to connect to me if you already have an account, or signup if you think you can benefit from using LinkedIN).

View Randy Harris's profile on LinkedIn

If you would like to be added to my contacts; choose the type of connection, (e.g.- colleague, friend, etc), and if LinkeIN requires you provide my email address, use:

To get the HTML code to add LinkedIN buttons to your website or email, newsletters, or other HTML media, click the following link:

See you on LinkedIN

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