MySpace Review

Common Name: MySpace

Niche: general social media / social networking website
Slogan: a place for friends.

What they say about themselves: MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends’ friends. “

What I say about Myspace: the best general purpose social networking site, MySpace constantly ranks in the top 2, (competing with FaceBook for #1) , in the Social Media Networking space.

With literally hundreds of millions of users, MySpace has something for everyone.  Meet new friends, share videos, photos, blog, send messages to your friends and their friends.  Members create an account then add photos, blogs, favorites, and invite friends to their network.

Members have very little information on their public page, and can elect to make the rest of their profile public or keep it private where only their approved friends can view the content.  Users can customize their pages extensively which leads to some very good looking ones — (and some very bad ones).

It’s easy to add links to non-Myspace web sites, news feeds, and to install widgets including Open Social, bookmarking and other services.

If you only create one social networking page, MySpace should be on your short list of places to do it.   On the negative side:  using the site can be a little confusing as once your logged in the “home” button takes you to your public page, you need to keep clicking around a lot to find things that aren’t already part of your profile.  (Note: MySpace is owned by Fox Media).

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