PLAXO Review

Common Name: Plaxo

Niche: Personal Social Networking

Slogan: We keep you connected to the people you know and care about.

What they say about themselves: “First, Pulse is not a place to see how many online “friends” you can collect. It’s meant to be a better way for you to stay in touch with the people you actually know and care about — your family, your real-world friends, and the people you know from business.”

What I say about plaxo: Ok, now here’s something that looks similar to other social networks — but it is different.

Plaxo does not try to compete for members and promise them they can meet new friends and share everything with the world.

Plaxo is more of an a social networking aggregator. The service, which started as an online address book site includes features so you can keep track of your favorite websites, web services and people.

Members can create a public and a private profile page, then add links and the plaxo “Pulse” feature will track which of your contacts has added new content to their blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Flikr and other social media content sites.

A comprehensive address book makes it easy for you to organize home, work and other contacts information. You can create your own calendar, send eCards and other event based features.

While the site claims to very strongly support users privacy rights, it should be noted that Plaxo recently became a subsidiary of Comcast Interactive Media. If their promotional material is to be believed, they will not use your private data for any type of user profiling or marketing — but they are owned by a very large commercial online player.

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