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Volusion Shipping Weight

When entering the weight of a product in Volusion, you need to specify the weight using whole numbers for pounds and the decimal equivalent for any ounces. For example: if a product weighs one pound and one ounce, you can

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Volusion Search

There are just two words that sum up the internal search function of Volusion eCommerce shopping cart software — but being a professional, I won’t use those two words, and will instead just say, “not good“. When a user searches

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Reviewing the Review Web Sites

There’s a new sheriff in town, and no it’s not ‘big brother’, it’s just the opposite. Everyday people now have the ability to propel your business into the spotlight, or drag it down by it’s heels. How have these people

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Get More Traffic to Volusion Store

Using Volusion Coupon Codes and Promos You had a web designer create a custom template for your Volusuion store and it looks great. You got great products. You’ve got great prices. You offer great service. But, you aren’t getting enough

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