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How to Embed Flash Video in a Website

Adding Flash video to a website can be confusing to say the least. Many people do not understand the difference between embedding a link to a flash video into page and actually serving the video content themselves. YouTube and other

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Reduce Volusion Excess Bandwidth Fees

Although Volusion is decent software, there are a few complaints I hear from customers, and one is the cost. Volusion’s pricing is based on number of individual product codes in a store’s database, (see chart below). In addition to the

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KickApps Review

KickApps – “white label” social medial software. The hosted KickApps platform allows developers to create online communities from scratch or integrate social media functionality into existing CMS based sites. Kickapps is marketed with two pricing models; FREE, and a CPM,

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SWF / FLV Video on Your Website

A little history…. Ever since the Eolas v. Microsoft patent lawsuit, the act of simply embedding an active object into a web page has become a problem. The nature of the lawsuit had to do with how web browsers displayed

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MySpace Review

Common Name: MySpace Niche: general social media / social networking website Slogan: a place for friends. What they say about themselves: “MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends’ friends. “ What I say about Myspace: the

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