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November 27, 2008

FREE Music from Playlist.com

Filed under: Audio / Video,Social Networking
Randy Harris @ 5:50 am

Social Music Search Engine?

Looking for MP3's? Look no further than Project Playlist, (http://www.playlist.com/).

The site, which bills itself as a "social music experiment" and music search engine, is all that and more.

Using the social media / social networking model, the site allows you to build a playlist of tracks from it's vast collection of audio links and assembles them into a freindly, easy to use flash based media player.

You can log in to PlayList.com and add new tracks, re-arrange what you've already got, send email invites to friends, and share your playlist with others.


September 24, 2008

How to Get More LinkedIn Contacts

Filed under: Social Networking
Randy Harris @ 6:03 am

LinkedIN is a professional networking site -- it's not like MySpace or similar social media websites except in the fact that it uses the social networking model.

The social model is a method of expanding your connections to other people by inviting them to connect to you, and in-turn connecting to your extended network of contacts and connections.

A powerful way to build connections to others (which may lead to job offers, orders for products or services, a new employee or other professional contact), create a LinkedIN account and start adding contacts.

Here's the benefit: Lets say you have ten friends, business associates, customers or others who know what you do, like you, and would refer or recommend [READ MORE...]

September 21, 2008

PLAXO Review

Filed under: Social Networking
Randy Harris @ 6:17 am

Common Name: Plaxo

Niche: Personal Social Networking

Slogan: We keep you connected to the people you know and care about.

What they say about themselves: "First, Pulse is not a place to see how many online "friends" you can collect. It’s meant to be a better way for you to stay in touch with the people you actually know and care about — your family, your real-world friends, and the people you know from business."

What I say about plaxo: Ok, now here's something that looks similar to other social networks -- but it is different.

Plaxo does not try to compete for members and promise them they can meet new friends and share everything with the world.

Plaxo is more of an a social networking aggregator. The service, which started as an online address book site includes features so you can keep track of your favorite websites, web services and people.

Members can create a public and a private profile page, then add links and the plaxo "Pulse" feature will track which of your contacts has added new content to their blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Flikr and other social media content sites.

A comprehensive address book makes it easy for you to organize home, work and other contacts information. You can create your own calendar, send eCards and other event based features.

While the site claims to very strongly support users privacy rights, it should be noted that Plaxo recently became a subsidiary of Comcast Interactive Media. If their promotional material is to be believed, they will not use your private data for any type of user profiling or marketing -- but they are owned by a very large commercial online player.


MySpace Review

Filed under: Social Networking
Randy Harris @ 5:55 am

Common Name: MySpace

Niche: general social media / social networking website
Slogan: a place for friends.

What they say about themselves: "MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends' friends. "

What I say about Myspace: the best general purpose social networking site, MySpace constantly ranks in the top 2, (competing with FaceBook for #1) , in the Social Media Networking space.

With literally hundreds of millions of users, MySpace has something for everyone.  Meet new friends, share videos, photos, blog, send messages to your friends and their friends.  Members create an account then add photos, blogs, favorites, and invite friends to their network.

Members have very little information on their public page, and can elect to make the rest of their profile public or keep it private where only their approved friends can view the content.  Users can customize their pages extensively which leads to some very good looking ones -- (and some very bad ones).

It's easy to add links to non-Myspace web sites, news feeds, and to install widgets including Open Social, bookmarking and other services.

If you only create one social networking page, MySpace should be on your short list of places to do it.   On the negative side:  using the site can be a little confusing as once your logged in the "home" button takes you to your public page, you need to keep clicking around a lot to find things that aren't already part of your profile.  (Note: MySpace is owned by Fox Media).


mixi Review

Filed under: Social Networking
Randy Harris @ 5:48 am

Common Name: mixi

Niche: Japan, 18+ social networking website

What they say about themselves: I don't know, I can't read Japanese, and you can only get access to the site if you are invited by another memeber.

What I say about mixi:
They must be doing something right since they have an 80% share of the Japanese social media networking market and have grown from approximately 10,000 memebers in 2004 to nearly 20 Million in 2008. I'll add that I like the idea of viral networking. Rather than "blogs" mixi calls it personal postings "diaries" (even the Japanese interface uses this word). Mixi is free to use and designed for the 18+ Japanese social networking market.


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