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September 13, 2008

Welcome to the LEXIPIXEL Blog

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Randy Harris @ 5:17 pm

Blogging. The one word that has turned so many people who would otherwise be afraid to run a website into web publishers virtually overnight... well not exactly "overnight".

The difference between a fad and a trend is "fads" become extremely popular in a short amount of time, and in just as little time fall out of fashion -- trends on the other hand can take longer to gain acceptance, but eventually become mainstream and live on.

While blogging may have started as a fad, with people publishing online journals or diaries, blogs are it is now an acceptable format for both personal and business publishing. While some sites use a blog to publish some of their content, many sites now use blog software for their total web publishing and content management needs.

Blog software has evolved to where even new users can publish text, images, video and audio content using simplified point-and-click and fill-in-the-blanks tools. With a wide base of users ready, willing and able to post or comment, a huge and growing amount of information on the world wide web is now held in what has come to be known as "the blogosphere".

The "idea" of blogging evolved before modems, even before computers, electricity -- before written language. Whether we painted on cave walls, or stood in the village square atop a soap-box, or tacked pen and paper messages to a cork bulletin boards -- we have always wanted our stories, our ideas, our opinions to be heard. We want to communicate. We want to discuss, debate, profess, politicize and poeticize. We are social animals and need to socialize. We are, therefore we blog.

While the noun "blog" and the verb "blogging" are relatively new terms, the concept of posting information online in a date oriented format goes back to the earliest days of online communications. UseNet, FidoNet, Bulleting Board Systems, (BBS's), and commercial information systems like CompuServer, AOL and others have all had some means for one person to publish their ideas in a way that others can read them online, and in most cases, there was also a way for the reader to comment or reply to these posts.

Since people love to talk, and new information was posted daily in these formats, to organize the information it was archived in what is known as "LIFO", (Last In First Out), format -- meaning the newest posts appear at the top of the list, but anyone can jump in and start reading the messages in whatever order they want.

Unlike email where communication is sent from the sender to the recipient, blogging and all information in it's ancestral forms is "out there" -- for all to read, (and to comment on). Blogs are the cave walls, the soapboxes, the bulletin boards and journals of new millennium.

Blog on!

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