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September 17, 2008

Web Designer, Web Developer or Webmaster?

Filed under: web jobs
Randy Harris @ 8:00 am

A lot of people sell themselves as "web designers" or "web developers", and a lot of organizations hire these people to take charge of their online presence. But.. a web designer or a web developer is not usually a "webmaster".

As a freelance designer and developer, (and offsite webmaster for several sites), I read a lot of online classifed ads from people looking to hire someone to design or build a website, or update one, or manage it. I'm sure it must be confusing for many of them -- especially small businesses and even for larger organizations if their isn't someone on staff who knows enough to ask the right questions when hiring for web oriented positions.

Some people post, "Web Designer Needed", then go on describe a job that requires a CS or BA degree and experience noting specific programming languages, protocols or [READ MORE...]

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